French women think about their bags

In 2010, The Guardian reported a rash of French women killing their infants and hiding the corpses in plastic bags in the garage, the garden, the trash. The foundation of the house. Usually more than one per woman.

It raises questions. One of them is what kind of bags. And why are the bags themselves reported. Is the reason for mentioning “bags” to indicate something that can’t be said? The word came up several times.

Were they zip-locking bags, was that the point? Because it’s what I pictured. You can’t read the word that many times and not picture something. Did the reporter want to write that, but the company asked them not to, because how awful, how awful. Let them please be opaque and brandless bags, a company representative might have said.

Everybody knows it doesn’t matter whether you say it or not. You talk about bags this way and people are going to know you mean “zip-locking.”

One comment on “French women think about their bags

  1. […] know that’s not how we operate. For example. I’m not inviting you to freak out at the news that a bunch of French women were killing their infants and hiding the corpses in plastic bags in the gar…. (Women, plural. Like it was a thing in that particular town, a thing to do.) This was a […]

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