Still life with insulin

You learn how to inject by using an orange. It helps you get comfortable making contact and depressing the plunger, but you don’t get a good feel for how it’s going to pop through the fibers of your skin. You get that later. The one thing you know right away is that it’s going to be tough to dress this up.

I work so hard to make it pretty.

I keep the Lantus by my bed in a painted box Scott gave me.

I keep the Novolog swaddled in cloth. Partly to keep it from banging around in the fridge but mostly to give it a little style.

I like a 1/2 cc 30-gauge with a needle long enough to get it all under my skin so there’s no bead of liquid on the surface when I’m done.

If you start every morning like this, if you take some time with it and feel all that popping through the fibers, it’s tough to get too worked up about anything that comes later in the day.

3 comments on “Still life with insulin

  1. weight4me says:

    Your words are worth a thousand pictures…every day for 17 years. And Yes, whatever comes next in the day can’t compare.

  2. Amy Kortuem says:

    The. Needle. On. The. Leg.

    Makes gagging down a pill every single day for the past 20 years of my different affliction seem kinda…well…weenie.

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