New Year’s Day wardrobe reorg for the thrifty, the slouching, the three-footed

Approach your closet. Give it some credit, let it reinvent itself. It might be bored with you, too.

Consider a new silhouette.

Shoulders are key. Everybody looks good when they stand up straight.

Consider the power of footwear.

Consider the power of feet. Balance is everything. Three might be the new two. Bare is definitely the new strappy. Stand as bare and balanced as you can, on a ledge, even, and see what that does for you.

Back up and look at the lines. Consider what other people see that you can’t due to where you usually stand. It probably all looks great from a few steps away. For example, you probably don’t need half that much eyeliner. Stop standing so close and you’ll like everything a lot better.

Accessorize! You don’t have to buy anything new. Pick stuff up off the ground, drill a hole through it and call it a charm. If somebody else needs it more, let them borrow it. Get it back someday, but no rush.

You’re the only one who has to believe this stuff works. If you wear it like it works, it works. It’s totally working. You look really good. No, I mean good. A new year’s worth of good.

Photos at the Cathedral of St. Paul and the yard sale of ceramic artist Jake Zeiher, who has so many pendants, teapots and three-footed beauties you wouldn’t believe. Look!

2 comments on “New Year’s Day wardrobe reorg for the thrifty, the slouching, the three-footed

  1. CBA says:

    I have the most excellent excuse for not being able to tackle my closet today. The fluorescent light fixture is in need of a new pair of circular bulbs and I refuse to own a light for which the bulbs are not easily replaced. A largely dark closet receives daylight in the form of a new fixture tomorrow. Bright lights and a fresh coat of paint (currently unplanned) should pretty much put my entire closet’s contents up for consideration.#DarkestBeforeTheDawn

  2. weight4me says:

    Just what I needed for inspiration to overhaul a closet full of thrift store capris, jackets and blazers, at least 4 sweater sets, and a shoe collection to beat all. I can hardly wait to get started. First though, have to buy some light blue cord to bundle the gotta-gos. Great idea, and pretty too. THANX!!

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