Ruined is the new remodeled

The second floor of The Grand Kabaret in New Ulm is half-undressed. It’s been that way for a couple years, the proprietress says. She’s not too happy about that. I think it’s gorgeous.

My kitchen is like that too right now, except without the velvet curtains or the Eiffel Tower.

I would love to half-cover up like The Grand. Love. Problem is, if we do that we might never put actual cabinets on the walls. We might never actually put up walls. There would be the chance we’d live forever like the second floor of The Grand Kabaret, no cabinets, just hot blue potential.

It would be terrible for resale, but good as a state of mind. You ever been all dressed for work and made expensive coffee in a kitchen with just lath and plaster? It’s pretty good. It tastes like craftsmanship. It tastes like nothing should be taken for granted.

If we could agree to call all this performance art, instead of regular life and real estate, everything would be fine. Everything would be better. The Grand would feel like home and my kitchen would be perfect and every day would be a hot ruined masterpiece.

2 comments on “Ruined is the new remodeled

  1. Curt Douma says:

    You captured it.

  2. weight4me says:

    You see the Beauty in everything! Another Gift you use so aptly for the delight of those who follow you! Love it!

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