Carnival part two: I met a woman who had no Fluevogs

Thank God my boots finally fell apart or else I wouldn’t have been up at Misch’s on Madison Avenue where the carnival was set up for the long weekend.

Bootless, I wandered.

It was two pairs that fell apart at the same time, the black Fluevogs with white stitching that I bought right off the feet of my friend Sara Buechmann and my black cowboy boots from the now-defunct RCC in River Hills Mall. Both my black boots at the same time, broken right during the in-between season when boots are key. Have you been outside this week? Boots are key!

Misch’s said the repairs would take two weeks.

I talked to the guy running the carousel. He said the horses are all being repainted this spring. Some are done but some are still in the shop, and some of the newly painted ones are still missing their shoes. He said he was sorry for things not looking quite right, but honestly, if you stick your head far enough inside a carousel like this and you can squint out the parking lot and the construction on Madison Avenue, it’s beautiful. It glistens. I told him everything looked great.

After he walked away and sat back down at the carousel controls, I shot a couple more photos. Then I was like, hey, horses.

I totally feel you.

One comment on “Carnival part two: I met a woman who had no Fluevogs

  1. Curt Douma says:

    So what was on your feet while you were touring the Carni ? The rope thingys ? So I drive down the Mad Ave Strip and look at the Carni with disdain and you see Art !

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