Paint samples part one: Westwood

It’s a tough thing at Menards not to take a sample card in every color, so I did. I took every one (but just the house brand, to be polite). I can’t believe how well 49C-3 goes with Fish Frye’s third set on a summer night at Westwood.

Or how 35C-5 adds mystique to the back room.

Or how 31C-5 makes the grease pop.

Look at 16B-4 paired with actual mustard! You wouldn’t think, but yes.

This 10B-3 is a little too clever for itself but what are you going to do.

It’s late, it’s cooling down. Summer is half over and it’s time to come to terms with the fact that bringing home samples is as far as it’s going to go again this year.

Fish Frye closes out the summer at Westwood Marina on Friday, Aug. 31, 6-10 p.m. You should come.

3 comments on “Paint samples part one: Westwood

  1. rachaelhanel says:

    I feel compelled to bring home paint samples when I go to Menard’s. I’m pretty bored at Menard’s, never there under my own free will, but the paint color display breaks the monotony of power tools and cheap denim and bathroom sinks.

  2. CBA says:

    The best part about Menards is picking up the items for the projects, with light bulbs thrown in cuz they’re there…. AND Man Food. It’s like Menards knows that I am on the hook for dinner too. Chef Boyardee or Progresso Soup, you just made my day easier! And cereal, you can’t pass up the cereal!

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