Paint samples part two: Ann’s power animal

My friend Amy and I drove to Minneapolis to have our cards read. On the way, Amy said I was probably like an eagle whose beak had to fall off completely and then grow back. Just like that.

If eagles do that, Amy said. I don’t know. They might not. It doesn’t matter.

The Tarot reader was fantastic. She gave us cucumber water and used an actual fan to fan herself. She said a lot of “I’m just going to tell you this, ok?” Then she laid down some truth.

Eagles didn’t come up in my reading. No birds at all.

Then we walked out of her studio and guess what was on the curb next to Amy’s truck?

Right. The plastic topper from a Fourth of July flag, with a hole at the bottom in case I want to wear him as a pendant.

I told two people about this and they both said, so, the eagle was your power animal before? And I said, well, I don’t know. No.

Obviously it doesn’t matter.

One comment on “Paint samples part two: Ann’s power animal

  1. weight4me says:

    Everyone has Color in their life, and Nature too. The purpose and beauty seen in shades of white and plastic are clear. But only visible to those few, unique people who see beauty in everything!

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