What the hyperglycemic are wearing this summer

Not superhappy with the results of my last big blood test. Thought some color and rhinestones on my pancreas ex vivo might help.

This is my July 6-9 pump after a little wear and tear.

This is July 9-12 right when I put it on, when the marker was fresh. You can’t see the blue-green border but it was beautiful.

This is July 12-15. Every stone stayed in place the whole three days so I think I’m on to something.

This one went on tonight, just now. Bam. Getting used to the staple sound when the needle goes in.

2 comments on “What the hyperglycemic are wearing this summer

  1. weight4me says:

    WOW. No end to your creativity! Far better than the fitted, lacey shrouds for colostomy bags, and a whole lot cleaner! New artwork every three days. Looking forward, as always, with love! M.

  2. […] You can draw on your pod, I guess. Hey where’s yours right now? I saw a very lovely pic of you on Facebook, and you were […]

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