Bad Mother Music reprise: Bigger, badder, more spirit-y

My friend Yumiko and I wrote a song cycle about motherhood – about mothering well, mothering horribly, mothering with abandon, mothering while daydreaming about abandonment.

We were delighted to share the songs with good friends one night last winter at Gustavus Adolphus College, where Yumiko is a professor of music.

Our friend Nicole, famous author and not-bad-enough mother of six, wrote a great post about it. Our friend Brenda said we should try to get it into MSU’s Women & Spirituality Conference. So we applied. We got in! We are thrilled to be on a conference schedule with “Ethical Spell-Casting,” “An Introduction to Zuni Fetishes,” “The History of Palestine 1949-2011” and “Daily Practice Sucks.”

Please save the date: Saturday, October 13, 4-5:30 p.m. in the Hearth Room of MSU’s Centennial Student Union. And check out the full lineup. Whether you pay to enjoy the whole conference or sneak in for just our session, we’d love to see you there. Sneaking in actually might be the thing. Bad is the new oxytocin.

One comment on “Bad Mother Music reprise: Bigger, badder, more spirit-y

  1. rachaelhanel says:

    Congratulations on scoring this gig! I think I’m around that weekend.

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