Pancreas ex vivo part three: what the insulin-dependent are wearing to the candy aisle

Hy-Vee has the seasonal candy out so I thought it would be good to decorate some pancreas ex vivos accordingly. Here’s one to wear right now, when the leaves are perfect.

try to eat colors with your eyes

Here’s one for Halloween.

raw pumpkin = two carbs per ounce

Here’s a more festive and permissive Thanksgiving design.

totally worth a bolus

This is for post-Thanksgiving, during the family arguments.

dry martini got no carbs at all

Here’s one for the jeans-and-a-dressy-top holiday party.

this looks so pretty on you

This is for the rest of winter on the long blue nights that are good for walking.

you gotta walk fast breathe deep in the cold

I mean really good for walking, better than summer. One time I was a research subject in a grad student’s study about weight training and diabetes. He told me if people would exercise outdoors as much in the winter as in the summer, they’d feel great, because your body works harder in the cold. He would say that kind of thing while he handed me barbells and shouted “you can do it!” It was wonderful. He was studying to be a personal trainer. I don’t know where he is now. If he were to get in touch and request a line of stick-on insulin pumps decorated to fire people up for winter walking and healthy holiday eating and responsible martini consumption, and whatever else, for sale at Hy-Vee next to candy corn and Christmas Peeps, I would be game.

One comment on “Pancreas ex vivo part three: what the insulin-dependent are wearing to the candy aisle

  1. Pump Peelz says:

    Hi Anne!
    I saw your wonderful designs on here. Really great job. What do you think of our designs at We are doing our best to make accessories and would love your feedback! Feel free to email me any time scott (at)

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