Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Magician

Everything you need is in your closet or your dresser or a junk drawer in the bathroom. It’s just so hard to see that on your own.

A few years ago my sister-in-law and I went through our mother-in-law’s closet and pulled out everything we hadn’t seen her wear in the past decade. Believe it or not, and I think you believe it, there were a lot of patterned sweaters and A-line button-front skirts in there. They had no business in her life or ours. We put that stuff in garbage bags and made her promise to get rid of it within a week. Then we took what was left, which was plenty, and mixed it up into outfits she hadn’t considered before.

She liked them, mostly. We liked that she let us clear away some clutter and show her that she really, actually, already had everything she needed. Once she weeded out the crap.

The Magician says you should open your closet and your drawers. Pull out everything, and I mean everything, the stuff in the back that doesn’t really fit or you never liked or whatever. Lay it out so you can see every piece. Then, start making introductions. Host a little meet-and-greet of the closet and make sure everybody makes one new friend. Forgive the velvet jacket for collecting so much lint, and just go buy a damn lint brush. Reconnect with the orange scarf your sister brought back from Israel, now that years have passed and you understand each other better and your hair is no longer that very same orange.

Get reacquainted with your stuff. Really, most likely, it’s everything you need.

The Magician is sponsored by Cynthia Bemis Abramswho would love to do your other kind of fortune, the professional kind. The wear-your-inner-leader-like-a-hot-navy-blazer kind.

Tomorrow: The High Priestess.

3 comments on “Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Magician

  1. Amy Kortuem says:

    Brilliant advice, Ann. Thanks for sharing the magic. I’m heading over to Cynthia’s right now…

  2. Jules says:

    Need an emergency fashion tarot consult…my profs have invited both Deans and current psych grad students to my defense next week…what to wear for maximum impact in a subconscious- y positive psychology way?

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Oh for sure, Jules! Glasses. So obvious but you have to do it. Get fake ones at Claire’s. In addition to “smart” you should also say a little “crazy” so they know you’re in the game. So, the fake glasses + a normal-person dark suit + a red feather bodice sticking crooked out the top of your blouse. Yes? And nude hose. I am available that morning for in-closet readings and guidance.

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