Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Lovers

Wear what flatters you and wear what you love. Those might not be the same thing. So then you’ve got a choice to make.

You either break up with one, or you say, ok, look, we have to make this work. I love you both, beads and scarf.

I love you both, flat-iron and crimper.

I love a mournful purple shadow and I love a moody purple lip.

If you break up, do it clean. Stuff the loser in a bag and take it to the Salvation Army, or to a drop-box if it’s after-hours. I think there’s one up by the Hilltop HyVee. If you merge, merge hard. Commit. It’s the only way. You think a purple eyelid and a winey lip are going to work together if you’re not feeling them truly and completely? They are not.

Make a decision and wear it with all your heart.

The Lovers is sponsored by Alemar Cheese

Read about cheesemaker Keith Adams’ risky labor of love here

Tomorrow: The Chariot.

5 comments on “Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Lovers

  1. Merge hard! I love that

  2. Amy Kortuem says:

    When I was in Paris the last time, I was drinking hot chocolate in a cafe and in walked this man dressed up as a woman ENTIRELY in purple. Purple satin dress, hose, shoes, beaded jewelry. Light purple hair. Mega purple eyeshadow AND blush AND lips.

    It so worked. He rocked it. He merged it, hard.

  3. rachaelhanel says:

    My next goal is to wear an outfit with as many colors as possible without looking like a clown. I’ve seen some women lately who pull this off well. Have you been shopping at Heartbreaker? That’s the perfect store for what I’m talking about and also about the “merge” philosophy.

  4. Oh wow, these are equally ambitious, clashing monochrome and pulling off as many colors as possible. I think I foresee a lot lot lot of money spent at Heartbreaker in the coming year.

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