Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Chariot

The Chariot is about yoking together forces that don’t seem like a good match, but they are. Seriously. Unlikely forces look supercute on you.

What I’m saying is that a stripe + a solid are complementary, and that’s just fine, but the combination gets you nowhere. It’s got no power. A stripe + a different stripe + a hat + a tweed + a ring + a brooch, on the other hand, a mix like that has force.

Yoke together some things you haven’t yoked before. Pull back and look at how you look. Feel how it feels. If it feels like you’re driving a chariot of hot holy style pulled by one striped horse and one tweed horse who’ve never met and might break free any second, and keeping them steady depends on your fist around a pair of braided leather glitter reins, if it feels like that, then you’re doing it right.

The Chariot is sponsored by Fusion Life and Leadership, a powerful combo of life/leadership coaching and horse-assisted learning. The head coach is damn sweet dresser Sara Sinnard.

Tomorrow: Strength.

One comment on “Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Chariot

  1. says:

    Hi Ann!  I am reading your posts and please don’t laugh at this “older” lady who probably only catches half of it!  It is interesting  and enjoyable.       Ha ve a holiday filled with enjoyment……. t hat is after you shop, bake, clean, decorate, etc.  Fun, huh?

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