Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Hermit

You’re allowed to sink into a groove every now and then. God knows I was like that with this one lipstick. And then, I don’t know if my teeth changed color or what, but all of a sudden one day I looked in the mirror and my lips looked awful. Like I’d sucked on a cheap marker. I threw it away right in the middle of the tube.

This is what The Hermit is about. It’s about busting out of a rut.

But what next, right? You can’t go from there to making decisions, because all you can see are the dark walls of your rut and a half-used tube of lipstick in the trash. (And it was Aveda. So this was like a capital loss.) You can’t trust women’s magazines or Clinique counter workers to figure it out for you. You just can’t. The only thing you can do in this moment is rub your mouth clean and get yourself some fresh air. Go somewhere. Look up.

Then close your eyes and remember the new things, and then come back to your makeup bag and your life, and see them how you see them now.

Name the rut. Bust up from the dark place and throw away the half-used tube, those are the important things. Do those today.

The Hermit is sponsored by The 410 Project, which at one point featured work by Joni D. Myers, including this piece titled The Abnormal Person which has the special effect of making Ann’s Fashion Tarot fans feel beautifully normal.

Tomorrow: The Wheel of Fortune.

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