Ann’s Fashion Tarot: Temperance

Here is the thing. It might not actually look that good on you. Or it might have been perfect, whatever it was, that thing you just put in a garbage bag and took to Goodwill. Which, you know, oh well. Sometimes you just can’t know.

The Temperance card is about unseen forces at work, things you don’t notice when you look in your regular mirror every regular day. It takes imagination and some bravery to take an honest look at the back of your hair or the back of your pants, or whatever, and realize you’re not ever really getting the whole picture. Normal views don’t account for the height of the person behind you, or blinding love, or crippling envy or shitty lighting or somebody else’s bad/good day.

These are the things that contribute to the absolute lack of fashion truth of whatever you’ve got going on. So just forget it. Know that you’re never going to know, and wear it anyway.

mystic golden hanger

Temperance is sponsored by Mankato’s Tandem Bagels, a bright and lovely place that didn’t used to be. 

It was a dank, dark bar until a few great women saw some potential and knocked out some walls, put up some art and started making deliciousness. 

Tomorrow: The Devil.

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