Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Star

Kit White says “style is the by-product of saying what has to be said in the most appropriate way a maker can say it.”  Ann’s Fashion Tarot says if you dress like your dreams, they have a much better chance of coming true.

So for instance, if you’re an art professor like Kit but your deep down dream is to be an aerobics instructor (which, to be clear, I’m not suggesting this is his deal, I don’t know), then today you need to lecture in track pants and a sports bra. If you’re an aerobics instructor but you want to teach art, today you should lead class in tweed leggings and a beret.

The Star says today is the day to spread your tiny fragile dreams out in front of you and take a very honest look. Give them some air. Give them some credit. Then get dressed in a way that shows you’re ready for them to be real.

The Star is sponsored by Amy Kortuem, who, a decade ago, had the balls to imagine a concert harp career here in the 56001. 

Audacious and lovely. Here is her blog.

Tomorrow: The Moon.

One comment on “Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Star

  1. Amy Kortuem says:

    Harps and balls are all you need in life.
    And little bottles of (really cheap, really crappy but it does the trick) champagne…

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