Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Moon

The prettiest things are the ones nobody else can see. Today is the day to buy new undergarments, or get a tattoo in a covered place, or get some stick-on crystals and stick one to your sternum to remind yourself to breathe better and think with your heart.

Or shut up instead of saying what shouldn’t be said. Or quit asking for answers.

There are things you don’t get to know, and you’re better off. You really are. It’s maddening, I know, and that’s why you have to fight back with lingerie under your clothes and ink under your skin. If the world isn’t going to tell you everything you want to know right this minute, and it’s not, then fine, keep some things from the world.

See also: The Star. See also: The Magician.

There’s a right time to unfold the folds and show what you’ve got. It’s not today.

The Moon is sponsored by Rob Foster, who can make four hours of bloody misery really worth your while. Dude does beautiful cover-ups.

Tomorrow: The Sun.

3 comments on “Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Moon

  1. rachaelhanel says:

    I think I’m more of a “moon” person. Secrets are fun.

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