Ann’s Office Outfit Makeover: Cindra Kamphoff

Cindra Kamphoff is the academic and spiritual leader of the new Center for Sport and Performance Psychology. She’s not saying the spiritual part; I’m saying that. It’s an entirely secular state-funded center, let’s be clear, in a really nice freshly painted office space in University Square which is the classiest of retail hotspots. This is no flake place. But its director is a pulsing beaming force with a superpretty aura, and I’d kind of like to see her dressed accordingly.

Here she is right before the decor was complete, the week of the grand opening. Texture + pattern + leather + graduate students, all very strong and good, very nice.


Premakeover Cindra in her prefinished Center.

Here she is at the opening. Powerful. Branded. Shiny!

cindra chez grand opening

Scarf matches the podium sign!

Cindra, though, I’m thinking, would you just go ahead and wear your chakras on the outside?

cindra in chakras

I think it would help the rest of us figure out what foundational pieces we need in order to dress appropriately for all this mental strength you’re talking about. I mean, maybe it would be useful to your clients to see your jade-green heart chakra constantly orbiting your chest, like the performance psychology equivalent of a basic silk shell? If that’s the case, some of us might go get such a shell, or a green sports bra. Not to be too matchy with your auras, just, like, aligned. Or maybe your light pink crown chakra is exceptionally huge and beaming, and that’s why you feel taller than you are? I’m not sure how we’d cop that, maybe pink Bondi Bands. Anyway. Some of us would appreciate knowing what to wear to complement the mantras you’ve got us all writing on our arms.

mantra mantra mantra

Give it some thought. It would be low-maintenance, it would look great in all seasons and you could accessorize with at least one grad student.


Next makeover: Amy Kortuem has left the building.

3 comments on “Ann’s Office Outfit Makeover: Cindra Kamphoff

  1. Amy Kortuem says:

    If Cindra gets a green jog bra, I will.

  2. rachaelhanel says:

    Outfits should definitely be matchy-matchy with the chakras.

    I like how in the first picture Ann is beaming down on Cindra. It’s like having a little fashion angel on the shoulder!

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