It’s tough to look good in April

Spring starts out so ugly, unless you’re a piece of trash, and then you’re like, thank God! At last, some flattering light.

cup trash

sky-colored trash

busch box trash

I saw a bunch of sweet gleaming rot between my house and downtown last night. A lot of wet folds and curves.

bustier trash

mankato is sometimes convenient

plastic lazarus

Ok yes. Right. I said “gleaming.” I said “folds.” You guys, this stuff has been mistreated for a long time. The whole entire winter. It deserves to feel good.

gutter trash

bratz trash

lemon trash

And there was this, on Byron Street.

front elevation

The detailed rendering had three options for doorknob placement, which, without question, was the best part.

doorknob options

It’s on the 700 block, if you’d like to go see. It’s the thing that could make all the difference for you this season.

absolutely to scale

I mean, unless you’re not seeking new levels of hot bold grit.

absolute love love

But I think you are.

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