What an editrix wears to the acknowledgment ball

It’s official! With this week’s arrival of my copy of Christopher Fisher’s A History of Stone and Steel, I am the most-acknowledged person in my writing world. Chris acknowledged me among his critique buddies. It’s a very macho book.

faith hope bootsThe University of Minnesota Press recently released We’ll Be The Last Ones to Let You Down, in which I’m acknowledged by author Rachael Hanel who is a hot boundless thing right now. So by association, what she said here makes me feel kind of boundless as well. Not as on-fire as the display font at the top, but like the rule underneath it. Well-spaced and ready.

gravedigger's daughter saysLast fall saw the release of Amy Stockwell Mercer’s second book, The Smart Woman’s Guide to Eating Right with Diabetes: What Will Work, in which I’m delighted to be acknowledged among Amy’s personal-and-private storytellers.

amy's womenAnd proud to have written the foreword, which the publisher let me sign like this:

oh what like i ever get to use MFAI don’t know if any writing programs name this as a goal, “get acknowledged,” but I think they should. It feels great. I think it would make a good category at the Minnesota Book Awards. “Most Acknowledged.” I would win the inaugural award, of course, and would strive to wear something appropriate.

what the editrix wearsSomething “taut and luminous” per the blurb on Christopher’s back cover, “macabre and lyrical” as the Star Tribune said about Rachael, down-to-earth yet bold yet low-carb for Amy, which is what she is and how she writes. I  would accessorize with a few harsh but hopeful pieces for my writing friends who are just one bleeding red edit away* from a gorgeous published page.


*Call me.

2 comments on “What an editrix wears to the acknowledgment ball

  1. Donald & Louise Brown says:

    THIS IS JUST GREAT!  And I’m so glad YOU SAID IT  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  There is something new and lovely about your re-energized value of your significance and importance to SO may others in this world!!!!!!!!!!!  Love It!

    Love You,


  2. Amy Kortuem says:

    What your mom said above AND I’ll take this opportunity to acknowledge all the bad-assedness you’ve given to my writing.

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