This rain is a drag but it tarts up the sculpture walk

Mankato’s new sculptures are up! You could wait for a nice day, or you could do the PG-13 tour which is in the rain.

how do you feel todayThe sculptures take on a different texture when they’re slicked down and paired with roadside accessories. Like a brand new look. Let’s call it “wet gutter cocktail.”

control freak i think they meanLet’s call it “semi-bare crushed curb.”

catching the windnot an official xmas tree disposal site“High-gloss metallic organic.”

stairway to redchez hyvee“Concrete pastel semi-Georgia O’Keefe casual.”

sack raceblue bricks“Shabby chic futuristic phallic’s-where-you-find-it.”

DSC00755outside mankato balletTake the walk, rain or shine. Vote for your favorite!

vote vote vote

And (always) dress accordingly.


This year’s sculptures are especially gorgeous and provocative. Featured here: “How Do You Feel Today?” by Shohini Ghosh, “Catching the Wind” by Gregory Johnson, “Stairway to Red” by Chris Kilbaine, “Sack Race by Roger Golden” and “Zion” by Grant Standard. Good stuff. Go see.

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