It’s time to talk about my hair again part one: Agony

I’ve put my stylist through plenty of crap. Here we are last fall stripping out an accidental hot pink rinse. It was my accident, not hers. “Rinse” really doesn’t mean what you think it means.

renee is my saviorSince then, I have a new policy for what to do in the moments when I have an idea for my hair. I get out my art supplies and draw what I want Renee to do. It’s not as satisfying as going to the store and coming home with a new box of color to apply all by myself in the nice clean bathroom with music and a drink, like date night with hope itself, but it keeps me safe. Here is the latest.

mystical streaks of powerI’m really serious about the gray at the roots, also known as silver, also known as METALLIC HAIR which is what I’m calling this. This is what I’m going for: A tinsel pom-pon. I’m clearly making progress. Here’s how it looked in April.

self-bedazzledThis is today.

nowBut now that I’m waiting for the silver instead of chasing it away, it’s taking forever. That’s the thing when you have a vision. That’s the agony.

this is what i wantYou can see that there’s a long way to go.


Next up, part two: Why you should join me. Also known as the ecstasy of decay.

One comment on “It’s time to talk about my hair again part one: Agony

  1. Love the artistic expression of the stylistic visions! I too have made a recent decision to embrace the gray and stopped coloring my hair earlier this year. Bring on the sexy silver!

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