My friend Jen looks supercute in her new health care directive

Today I had the honor of notarizing my friend Jen’s health care directive. She has a great new haircut, so our conversation was pretty much fifty-fifty.

kinda short

This prompts me to remind my friends that you guys, I’m completely available to notarize your health care directives and read your Fashion Tarot at the same time.

notary + tarot = OF COURSE

Not a general Tarot reading to warn you about which boxes you should check on the directive. I can’t help with that. I mean Fashion Tarot, as in, how to plan for a great-looking exit. An exit that has dignity. Honestly lovingly vain, with a dusting of good taste. I mean, you don’t want people putting you in an outfit that’s only in your closet because you spent so much money on it but you actually hate it because it’s the interview suit that didn’t get you the job. Or it’s some v-neck thing you kept meaning to give your younger, bustier sister. Who needs that at their own visitation? Call me because I can help.

We can do couture, like Mark Mitchell Burial. Gorgeous stuff.

mark mitchell burial

We can do organic. You would look so good as a tree. I mean SO GOOD.

bios urn

We can talk to deathxpert Rachael Hanel about how to document the whole ordeal with flair.

rachael by the stones

Bottom line, though, is that you should do your plan. If you’re a Mankato Clinic person, they’ll bug you about it at your next appointment anyway.


So just write up your stuff, and then call me. Seriously.


My notary commission is valid through January 2015. My desire for you to look good is ETERNAL.


6 comments on “My friend Jen looks supercute in her new health care directive

  1. Diane Fee says:

    This is good. Really good. Made my crappy late night of self-imposed stupid schoolwork worth the agony of staying awake! Thanks.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Donald & Louise Brown says:

    Very cute! and just so you know, my health directive is in order!  DNR and Yes to organ donation, although I don’t know how much call there is for organs 69 years used! Love you, mom

  3. Amy Kortuem says:

    Can I insist that there be glitter and Chanel No.5 at my unplug?

  4. Janice Nelson says:

    You crack me up! I am scared to open these links!

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. […] aren’t death-salon-going people around here. But if we are, I will be organizing one. I bet Ann Rosenquist Fee will help […]

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