Happy birthday to me: a sisterly guide to midlife

So, my big sister sent me a bunch of things to welcome me to 45 and tell me what to do about it. Superthoughtful! Here they are in case your birthday’s also coming up.

amy says wear giorgio

In case you’d forgotten the sweet  glamorous smell of Giorgio. GIORGIO! I’m wearing it right now and I smell like my mom about to leave us with a babysitter. All I need is a clutch purse that smells like mint gum and Newports.

amy says revere the 80s

In case you need to be reminded to get a mammogram.

amy says get a mammogram

In case you were wondering whether or not to buy more soap.

amy says forget soap

In case you can’t sleep.

amy says take magnesium

In case you were thinking, do I really need a night cream AND a day cream???

amy says use night cream

In case you were wondering if midlife is the new youth. It’s not, but according to my sister, it’s a pretty good thing of its own provided we enjoy ourselves and moisturize.

amy says books are the new youth


One comment on “Happy birthday to me: a sisterly guide to midlife

  1. What a wonderful sister. I love her comment about editing the narrative in the book. Enjoy your second half. I’m enjoying mine.

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