Happy graduation to the kid, happy diabetiversary to me

Today he graduates. So very happy for him, and so proud. Proud of his creative outside-the-lines accomplishments throughout K-12, yeah, but mostly right now proud that he hung the rental robe on a hanger to get the wrinkles out, just like the directions said. Just like the directions said! Public education, everyone.

props to education

Today also marks twenty years with diabetes, for me. Which makes it the anniversary of being told pregnancy wasn’t a good idea. It was the first thing I asked, because we were on the fence about when to start that whole deal. The doctor was like, well, you can try, but you’ll have a high risk of ___, ___, ___ (blah blah things nobody who wants to have a baby wants to hear). That nailed it. We knew that now was the time. How else do you know that now is the time, other than somebody with a clipboard telling you that now is not the time?

actual vs perceived

This isn’t my usual way. There was just something about that day and that doctor. Also, I’m married to a person who sees rules and restrictions the way some people see gnats. It’s artful, how he waves them away. Like tai chi but a kind of tai chi that erases cement, if that’s a thing. Anyway. Pretty soon Jake was in the world.


Today, at this point, there’s very little for which we can take credit. I didn’t even art-direct these photos. Honestly. I just made sure there was enough chalk for him to do what he wanted and I got the suit cleaned afterwards. That’s how it is, at this point.

this is his only suit

I do take partial credit for the look in the eye.

this look

It’s not my look and it’s not Scott’s but I’ll take some credit because I think there was something that sprung up off that clipboard that day, and lodged. Something like OK, mmm hmmm, we’ll just see about that. It’s a good look. It’s a very good gift. Happy diabetiversary to me.

here we are


Portraits by Claudia Danielson. She is the best.

7 comments on “Happy graduation to the kid, happy diabetiversary to me

  1. rachaelhanel says:

    This made me tear up. And you know I rarely do that! Congratulations…you and Scott have raised one of the best. Can he be cloned?

  2. Michael Byrne says:


    It’s really not clear to me whether or not you’re actually going to receive this or not. In any case, congratulations on your life to this point. It’s great to see you doing so well, at least according to your website.

    You are absolutely the best ever.

    Mike Byrne

  3. Jules says:

    I love this so much I want to eat it

  4. Kay Stanek says:

    Oh Ann…..I SO enjoyed reading/seeing this. He is such a handsome dude and we wish him continued success in whatever he chooses to do for the rest of his life. I’m sure it will be something interesting, considering who he has as parents.
    You have done an amazing job in raising this young man.
    Your written expressions are so entertaining! Thanks to your mom for sharing.

  5. What a handsome guy, and I love that look in his eye. It totally came from his parents. It’s a smart look. I like it. It makes me smile big. Congratulations.

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