April is the pearlest month day five: A holiday miracle at MVAC Thrift

You can fight springtime pastels for so long, maybe well into your thirties, but ultimately they drift back and here you are, a non-ironic adult facing spring and you have to deal. It’s possible to do this with integrity. For instance, if you’re seeking something pastel while also in the midst of a challenge to find a good way to wear peals, so you also need something that’s the opposite of prissy, you might shop menswear. If you’re a small-framed person, that could mean the boy’s section of MVAC Thrift. If you’re lucky, so very very lucky, a horse will beckon.

horse says yes

“Here is your shirt!”


I don’t know why I even tried with the others. The sherbet hue is IT.

I didn’t iron it but that doesn’t mean I’m not serious.

Happy Easter.

cropped-mystic-golden-hanger.pngTomorrow: Trashy eye is the new smoky eye if you reinforce with pearls.

2 comments on “April is the pearlest month day five: A holiday miracle at MVAC Thrift

  1. Karla says:

    LOVE your brain Ann Rosenquist!!!!!!!!

  2. Lou Brown says:

    So there you go. Pastel for Spring. Pearls for Whenever. And, when the pearls collection of Aunt Chloe’s arrives, you can close that shirt right up and pin the brooch at the top. Smashing. Stunning. Sexy. No one thought pearl brooches and hidden skin could be sexy, but this look is. Maybe is says, “Guess what’s under this pastel shirt, while you are staring at this old brooch!” Happy Easter! Love, mom

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