April is the pearlest month day twenty-seven: Sister with the unworn pearls

At the same time, the very same time as Velvet Choker Sister was dealing with her husband and the nagging and the scissors, Unworn Pearl Sister was dealing with almost exactly the same thing. Can you believe it. How they ended up with such same husbands is unknown. Possibly because they were in the small kind of village that’s always the case with with folktales and myths, and they married same-sized brothers who had arrived one day (from a neighboring village) wearing matching pants and carrying a white rose for one sister and a red rose for the other. Something like that. Or, possibly, the matching husbands were an accidental result of the sisters working through some kind of issue that comes from being raised with labels, like “the choker one” and “the pearl one.” Point being, while Velvet Choker Sister was doing her best to sidestep tragedy, Unworn Pearl Sister’s husband was also at the same time constantly going, “why don’t you wear your pearls?”

She tried to explain. She explained as best she could.


But guess what. Guess what Mr. Helpful decided to do.


And you know what happened next. You know. It was worse than literal head-loss, and I mean SO much worse.



Tomorrow: Worse.

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