One thing a person could do instead of spring cleaning is document the dirt

First of all, wax. I don’t know how to get wax out of fur.

wax 2



More wax. Waxed.

wax 1

Dining room.

back window


silver nap

Pop music as pornography.

shuffle function

Paintings by Noah Wieder. Light fixture with cobweb.

noah's work



Star from Launa. Lucky tiger from Mimi.


These are the worst ant traps. I bought them tonight. They were THE most expensive ones, something about a one-way entrance. Well. I moved the paper towel to get better light for the photo, and do you know what, like four of them escaped.

these are not good ant traps

Detail from Coexist by Beau Layman. He might be tired of me posting about this piece.

coexist detail

Corner under the shelf with the radio and the car keys. Baseboard is an easy thing, right, I know that, I am just not buying into that whole belief system right now.


Carbon monoxide detector + nightlight.


Candle man.


By the front door. I don’t know. Could go to Architectural Antiques, I realize that, and find a replacement. I realize that.


Coexist. Mobile of banana leaves. And then a Brad Widness, an Eric Watercotte. When the summer comes I like this porch area a whole lot. It’s not clean but it’s great.

coexist et al

Aloe from Jake after he killed my catnip.


Reading Woman by Lynn Pask. Loved.


Chicken. Also loved.


Frink, outlet, balls.

frink, outlet, felt

Steam heat.

steam heat

Balls from Anne. Clouded glass.

balls and light

Stained glass by David Hanel. Makeout couple by Greenmarket Square craftsman.

leaded makeout


Please move these. Please move these before it’s boot season again.

get these shoes out of here

cropped-mystic-golden-hanger.png Upon reflection, I don’t think the shoes belong to anybody at my house. Grant Pladsen, are those your shoes?

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