Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Crimson Edition: The High Priestess.

The High Priestess says you are actually in charge.

Hooping seemed the most logical way to prep. Whirlpool things all up in there like some kind of orbit to help all the other organs find new resting places, post-procedure. This may or may not be supported in the medical literature. I don’t know because I quit reading official things, because most of it was about, for example, making casseroles in advance! And freezing them! So you won’t have to cook for your family during recovery!!! This was not helpful to me. Casseroles were not my drishti.


Finally I found the good stuff. The real guidance. One woman wrote that she prepared by thinking of it as a spiritual sacrifice, like she’d be giving up her earthly womb in exchange for more abstract generative powers. I liked that a lot. Another said she saw it as a way to make room, like so her masculine energy could take up more space. I liked that too and promptly started wearing scarves tied like a tie. Which, at this point I am not even needing anybody else to realize how funny I am. 


The High Priestess says, you write the rules. If you write them well, they’ll make no sense to some people and they will make the most perfect sense in the world to the rest of your people.

Abby: I see from your journal that the day you drew The High Priestess was your last day at your job, before you shifted to a new job. Well well well done.

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