Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Crimson Edition: The Empress.

The Empress says make make make make make. Stop right before you think it’s finished.

Ladyorgans are for making things but they also host a fair amount of destruction. See: Menses. Miscarriages. Cramps that make day two pretty much unbearable. My personal vessel was on the way to destroying itself, not anything so dramatic as tumors but definitely overgrowth, inappropriate growth, an unnecessary growing of cells. I saw this is the best possible kind of creativity, like, creative destruction. Good job, uterus, acting like some Hindu goddess. Good job, me, for calling this particular work of art finished — which, seriously, is my problem with any kind of visual art. I go too far and then it’s crap and I’ve chopped off too much fabric or added too much black or whatever. But thankfully not this time. This piece looked to me to be done to perfection.


The Empress says, honor the urge to make, and then get up and walk away from making when the piece is finished. Maybe just before you sense that it’s finished. In those cases, probably all cases, trust that some work is going to happen invisible to you, after you walk away. So maybe walk out just before then and that’s the key to a thing feeling finished.

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