Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Crimson Edition: The High Priest.

The High Priest is backup to the High Priestess. Actually they back each other up, depending on the day.

It took surprisingly little effort to acquire everything they removed. It took exactly one phone call to the right nurse. I was like, hey, do you think there’s any way I can have it? She’s like, have what? I’m like, my uterus. I would like my uterus after it’s removed and whatever else they take out. She said she’d do some research and call me back. Turns out it was no problem. The procedure was on a Monday, and on the Thursday after that I got a phone call with instructions to come to the main entrance and ask to be escorted to Histology. The instructions themselves felt very exciting. My mom, who had come to town to help take care of me for the week, dropped me off at the entrance. I exited the car and shuffled to the front desk, and was like, I am here to pick up a specimen. The concierge or whatever is the proper term for a hospital front desk, she started walking briskly in the direction of Histology. I was like oh wow I’m sorry, I just had the surgery on Monday, can we slow down? I can’t walk that fast yet. No problem, she says. She asks, do you do this often? I ask, do what? She goes, pick up specimens, for people. OH, I said, oh, no, this is my specimen, I am picking up my uterus. It was removed on Monday. She’s like, oh, sure. Wow. I guess it’s been with you a long time, I guess it’s yours. People ask for tumors and things all the time. Here is Histology. Best wishes for whatever your plans are!

The High Priest is about the rules. The High Priest says, know the rules, and follow them so deeply that you get the results you want. Do the homework and then get what you want.

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