Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Crimson Edition: Justice.

The Justice card says let your gaze shift and then walk in that direction.

Honestly my idea to bury it was initially just about disliking the thought of medical waste. Planting it seemed more earthy or whatever. It was only when I got a look at it all, like when I was face-to-face with what had been my moon and clock and compass for as long as I can remember, that I realized why I’d asked to have everything they took out. It was so I could have a straight-up confrontation. I’d been mad at this stuff for a long time and now I was offended. Mad at how controlling it had been all those years, offended at how innocuous it looked now.

It’s helping to wear all this pink and orange and crimson. They seem like the colors of a compassionate person. They seem like they can help a person walk around in the world like, hey, buried uterus no longer the boss of me because you’re buried, we are good.


The Justice card says, operate as if you are a person who wears color because of things you can’t see yet, but they’re there, they’re in motion.

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