Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Crimson Edition: Strength.

The Strength card says you better learn how to braid and I mean now.

You are dang right we named our offices. Art jobs don’t pay much so I try to come up with benefits in the form of creative expression and decision-making and absolute reigns of power, wherever possible. 

the box

I named mine The Box because a while back my colleagues and I came up with this thing called Box-Based Leadership. It’s how we were doing everything anyway, so I thought it would be good and also really funny to name it, to put it in writing. Box-Based Leadership has three tenets:

  1. Know your capacity.
  2. Strategic pursuit of pleasure.
  3. Respect the cycles.

I am vaguely aware that “box” was a term for ladyparts. Tried to research that but I lost interest after about fifteen seconds because I don’t really care whether it’s vulgar. I am very much in love with my own etiology here, with the idea of Box-Based Leadership replacing the notion of “thinking outside the box.” Like, #backinthebox. Like, as a phrase people lob at each other in professional settings. What if we encouraged each other to think with our actual boxes. Our actual female feminine plumbing, cycles, imperatives, capacities. 


The Strength card says braid it all together. 

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