Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Crimson Edition: Temperance.

The Temperance card says you are not always seeing everything that’s in play. Actually never.

It took them longer than I thought to do the burial. They were down there quite a while and I watched from the top of the ridge. They didn’t put it in the spot I’d pointed to, which was due South which I only knew from using a compass because I have no natural sense of those things. But I was still too wobbly to crawl down there into the ravine, so beyond handing the thing over I couldn’t really direct this. I learned later that they’d picked the new spot — slightly East of where I’d pointed, thank you very much — because there was a big rusty can sitting right there and just before they put the whole assemblage in the ground, they put it in that can, then tipped it over. Organs, burdock, rusty can, dirt. Whittled sticks of sumac. Scott said he was pretty sure the can was necessary so the organ couldn’t get to me, like, its radar, its signal. I thought that was genius, and very reassuring.

Image courtesy Purple Porchlight – Video/Theatre/Creative.

The Temperance card is about balance, patience, the patient blending of things until what needs to be calmed is calm.

One comment on “Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Crimson Edition: Temperance.

  1. Jillyb says:

    Yup, this really resonates today. That balance is so tricky… Do what you can, but let go of control, cuz you ain’t got it anyway. My psyche aches…

    Egotistically, I was convinced that they moved the burial location because they feared that if I got myself down to the original designated spot, I’d never get myself back up -but as a silent observer/recorder, I didn’t dare question the change.

    So this entry also resonates well with that other little story were working on… Your men 😉 wanting to protect you with the rusty can… The u is a powerful thing tho

    Also, I’m now envisioning a rusty tin-can hat on a U costume, with a t-shirt that reads, “No Tin-Can-Can Can Keep Me Down”

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