Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Crimson Edition: The Sun.

The Sun says drop everything and find your thing, especially on days you’re technically scheduled to do otherwise.

I don’t know if you’ve ever killed time decorating a chain-link fence with strips of fabric, preferably whole bolts of it on clearance, but I recommend it. Not just because the results are visually glorious and serve as some kind of daily weather indicator — sun-fading, precipitation, obviously wind — but also because the act of tearing of fabric is some intense pleasure. I will go so far as to call it joy. The physical act of it will leave you sore in the shoulders and chest which I mean you can’t help but feel your literal heart widen after an afternoon of that. The noise of the tearing is equal parts violent and soothing. I recommend satiny fabric, for maximum satisfaction. Also I ultimately feel like this is a service to birds, as in, next spring there will be plenty of shiny fibers for them to harvest for nest material.

fence strips fence

The Sun says spend time in joy, senseless joy, whatever it is you have access to right now that gives you the same feeling as when you were a kid and absolutely did not want to come inside at the risk of peeing your pants out there digging in the dirt or whatever. Find your right-now equivalent and spend time in that zone. It is not senseless. It keeps bothersome parts of you quiet, and good parts of you will wake up because of it. Find your thing and hide if you have to but definitely do that thing.

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