Ann’s Fashion Tarot: Crimson Edition: Judgment.

The Judgment card says it’s best to know what you’re doing but even if you don’t there is such thing as midcourse correction.

By now I’m on my third round of cutting vines from around the yard, putting them in water to root, then planting them around the fence. (Planting was another thing I did in the wake of the most ekphrastic hysterectomy in human history.) Third round because the first two were failures. I had planned to wing it without reading up in advance, for fun, but that didn’t work and left me with a large fence full of dead sticks and wilted leaves. Turns out you need to cut the bottoms with a sharp blade, wound the buds, give them time and water to recover from shock, then plant. But you can still space things out based only on where you think the vines will look good, where they seem to want to be, where you think South is.

The Judgment card says gather data but then actually truly trust your intuition and your sense of style as valid decision-making tools, and go ahead and stick stuff in the ground.

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