Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Isolation Edition: The Magician.

Magic is a basic human right and if you have to conjure it from a Diet 7-Up carton rescued from the recycling bin because the world needs Isolation Edition tarot RIGHT NOW, then that is what you do. That’s how I made this deck, never mind that I probably had regular paper, this was a random act of resourcefulness and I’ve been ready for a long time to start whipping those out.

You can’t tell me you haven’t been waiting your whole life to do the same, like, that thing your grandma talked about with the waxed paper from butter sticks, freezing it for future pan-greasing. Or for moisturizer. Maybe moisturizer right now due to all the hand-washing. I don’t know what your cuticles look like but mine are freaking out. I don’t care if you have actual hand cream, now is the time for butter residue, or the grease from an empty bag of chips, or WD-40 which you should find anyway to fix all the things you’re thinking you should fix right now. Try it all. How else are we going to prevent a future lotion ration. How else are we going to learn every lesson history ever taught us, about necessity and invention and moisturizing and the value of a decent manicure in discouraging times.

The Magician says, get friendly with the idea that you have what you need.

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