Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Isolation Edition: The Empress.

But what if you don’t FEEL like making art right now because this isn’t some luxurious artmaking retreat for which you were specially selected. What if every project you ever started including enough Moleskine journals to choke a global supply chain, all of them empty due to stories you never finished or actually never started, what if now they’re staring at you from the shelf like some bitchy book club of books you don’t feel like writing. What now.

Photo by Scott who has about ten minutes to get his whole curriculum online so why not pause for a bonfire.

Now is when we explore the concept of creative destruction. Destruction as a long-game act of creation, making way for a new thing which is not necessarily going to happen right now. Right now, we enjoy the warmth and fragrance and machisma of a well-built fire, with past failures as kindling, nothing but kindling, sooooo much kindling.

The Empress is about creation up to and including destruction. Ahhhhh.

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