Ann's Fashion Tarot, Isolation Edition: The High Priest.

Honestly I don’t know which he wore better, the daffodil/robin’s egg contrast of the tie with the shirt, or the thoughtful ownership of having said one thing one day and then announcing its opposite the next. The bookish-but-not-boring glasses, or the clear and graspable explanation of how historical data about pandemics is what’s behind decisions that might otherwise come across as irrational or excessive.

Actually I think Governor Walz wore a brick-red tie/white shirt at Friday’s briefing with the Minnesota Department of Health, but it doesn’t matter, because the guy’s style is consistent. Fresh yet classic. Seasonal, yet enduring. Compassionate, strategic, transparent, superfun pops of color.

In tarot, the High Priest is about doctrine, and a lot of what gets called doctrine is crap. Exploitive, negligent, not-helpful. But there’s a way to do it right, and you know it when you hear it, like when he says empathy is central to decision-making. And, “If I fall down, I expect to be called on it.” And, “Let’s do this in a way that others can look at and say, that’s the way out of this.”

ARTIST’S NOTE: Forgot to draw a High Priest when I made the original deck, and I can’t draw one now because I burned the remaining scraps of the 7Up carton and I cannot have nonmatching cards. But making do is all the rage right now so we are going with this.

The High Priest says, integrity becomes you.

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