Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Isolation Edition: Temperance.

The Temperance card is about moderation which you might think isn’t happening right now BUT IT IS. You can see it if you zoom out far enough. Think this is too much time in too-close quarters? Your personal claustrophobia is an equal-and-opposite reaction to the frenetic global zig-zagging of germs. Think fresh bangs cut with shitty kitchen shears is tooooo dramatic? It’s probably not dramatic enough. DIY haircuts will definitely destroy your pride, but in these times we need to think beyond ourselves, and if you want to take some action to really help level things out you will charge up the trimmer and mow down your whole head with the guard off. For my own part, quitting eye makeup was an appropriate baby step but probably the way to make a dent of a difference is to fully erase my face.

Clearly this was going great as a spiritual exercise and an art project which consumed most of the afternoon, and the bathroom, until a reporter called to ask what the Arts Center was doing during the shutdown.

I’m like, well, what we’re NOT doing is trying to become a virtual gallery or anything else we’re not already good at, because there’s enough noise online at the moment and now is not the time to bust out anything half-assed. We’re doing what we do well, reaching out to the artists who rely on us to help them stay grounded and connected and inspired. Which obviously looks different on different people.

Temperance says trust the pull.

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