Ann’s Fashion Tarot, Isolation Edition: The Devil.

The Devil is about your vices, and any decent fortuneteller will present that information without being all judgy. She’ll just be like, well, it appears your _____ (fill in the habit) is providing escape or comfort or a shield right now. You definitely want The Devil upright, not reversed, because reversed is bad news but when it’s upright, she’ll say ok, well, in the long run this is gonna cost you but right now let’s just acknowledge that some needs are being met. So WHEW because fortunately today THE DEVIL IS UPRIGHT.

This is due to the mystical force that is Patrick’s on Third, and the compassionate altruism with which Proprietor John Mayer and his team are meeting the community’s present needs.

Thanks to the awesome craft kit Patrick’s recently delivered to my door, John shall now be crowned.

The Devil says, 507-931-9051, tip your delivery person.

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