This most amazing dress. I mean day.

Happy June 22! Rather than renewing our vows, or repainting, or weeding, or going on a cruise, Scott and I are officially committing to letting the yard eat the house.


Easier than downsizing. Plus, cheaper than travel. But also good for travel, because nobody has to mow!


Also, we decided to take out of the cupboards and actually use the finefine crystal people gave us on June 22, 1991. Use it in regular life. When you do your bridal registry, you envision the stuff in use at dinner parties or something like that. You would never think, I mean you can’t know at that point, that it’s a greater thrill to use the crystal to sprout some gross old potatoes from Aldi.

Goblets from my Uncle Tom. Don’t remember who gave the pink glass platter. Crystal pitcher from my boss at the time, and you guys, it came with instructions for washing ONLY IN WATER AND RICE. Swish with rice. Come on. I feel very good about this as a potato-sprouting vessel, 26 years on.  Tackle box courtesy of Scott just now because I mentioned that I need to upgrade my medication storage system.


Why not sort some office supplies.

Plus, the words of e.e. cummings, which Michele read at that sweaty ceremony.


So yes. This is the plan. Give over to the yard, let go of (like literally finally throw away) the instructions for swishing that pitcher in rice water. Sprout potatoes which have been sitting on the counter for oh I’d say a month now. Leap greenly. Be some humans merely being.


What else is June?!?! My Diabeteversary. Here’s the post about that.