Ann’s Fashion Tarot: Justice

If you smell nice, the people around you might breathe more deeply. If you tell the woman checking you in at Planet Beach that her manicure is great, she might be like, hey, thank you, and then she’ll go get a fill at Kim Nails & Spa right next door and the local economy will improve by $18 plus tip.

This is what the Justice card is about. It’s about how everything you do comes back around in a high-fashion leveling of the field. Like really high, like higher-power high.

I’m not saying you have to change how you smell or how you chit-chat with cashiers or what you’re wearing right now (seriously) or anything else. I’m definitely saying, though, that it matters, and it would be good to give some thought to your ways. Chat as if the cashier’s well-being and the global economy are in your pretty hands. Smell as if the world is going to breathe it right back in your face. If you walk around doing things with grace and good hygiene, things should be ok.

Do things that way today.

Justice is sponsored by Minnesota lawyer-poet Tim Nolan, who says “joy in poetry and the law is all about paying attention to what seems insignificant.”

Here are two poems for Ann’s Fashion Tarot fans inclined to do the supplemental readings: For My Country In Its Darkness, and Thanksgiving. Eyedrops and chestnuts. Drugstores and a cross-dresser. You will like Tim’s poems.

Tomorrow: The Hanging Mannequin.