Ann’s Fashion Tarot: The Wheel of Fortune

Shop! Today is the day.

The Wheel of Fortune is about taking action guided by your heart and your gut, so whatever you buy today, it will look good. As long as it feels good. You can go shopping in some retail place, or consignment, or just deep down in your soul. Whatever. Anything you pick is going to look great on you.

The Wheel is also about staying steady in the center while the world spins around you, though, so be careful. Beware the hype. Beware holiday sales, beware salespeople who tell you it looks awesome. It might not. Your gut knows, your heart knows. Shop from your core and the good fashion fortune will follow.

 The Wheel of Fortune is sponsored by Encore, the consignment shop at 311 N. Riverfront in Mankato. 

Tons of holiday discounts going on at Encore this month. Ann’s Fashion Tarot fans have the extra special bonus of knowing that whatever you buy is guaranteed not to have lipstick in the neck, because I bought everything I tried on last time I was there.

Tomorrow: Justice.